“Circle of dialogue wisdom” as  a methodological framework to reconceptualise participation, empowerment & collaboration, esp for decolonisation is described by Adriana Moreno Cely, Darío Cuajera Nahui, César Gabriel Escobar Vásquez, Tom Vanwing and Nelson Tapia Ponce in their blog post at https://i2insights.org/2021/05/18/circle-of-dialogue-wisdom/. It has 6 phases: 1) Knowing each other (eg ethical relationships, accountability, collective-we) 2) Concerting rules for participation (eg reflexivity, listening), 3) Creating safe spaces (eg unlearning privilege, managing unknown) 4) Building affection (eg sharing, reciprocity, people at centre), 5) Co-creating solutions (eg embrace complexity & uncertainty, revalue local & Indigenous knowledge, decolonise knowledge, being actions) and 6) Taking solution to practice (eg unlearn being competitive, learn to work together, build collective responsibility).



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